Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Reformation of the Book

For about six weeks this summer, I'll be joining 15 or so other participants in the NEH seminar, "The Reformation of the Book." We begin the bookish adventure in Antwerp, followed by a brief stay in London and then our three-week residency (of sorts) at St. Edmund Hall in Oxford. In lieu of mass email updates, and at risk of never-ending cycles of meta-analysis on what it means to write about travel (a natural conquence of this), I'll be temporarily transforming this blog into a travel blog--and hopefully linking to the blogs of my fellow seminarians.

On a somewhat related note, my current shameless summer reading selection (Elizabeth Kostova's The Historian) has proven to be a surprisingly appropriate precursor to the trip--old libraries, travels around Europe, vampire pursuits...the stuff dreams are made of.

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krista said...

Hi Laura! I love your blog title! I can't wait to read your updates...I hope to see ya around the neighborhood before you leave but if I don't have a safe journey!!! K:)