Monday, June 8, 2009

Film "Book Report": Helvetica

I'm indebted to Krista Hoefle and her good decision to reincarnate a true classic: the book report. Here goes.

Title: Helvetica

Author: Gary Hustwit

Summary: Helvetica is everywhere. It is watching you. It's in Ikea, on that dollarstore sign down the street, and on the binding of those New Mermaid editions of Renaissance plays sitting on your bookshelf...

Main point: See summary.

Favorite Part: When the "fontist" said to have invented the Helvetica typeface nonchalantly dismisses every font designed since 1950 with a wave of his hand and a roll of his eyes. Or maybe I'm just reading into things.

Questions for the Author: First, is Helvetica a perfect modernist reckoning of design, utility, and balance, or is just fascist? Second, what's up with the Helvetica haters? Finally, do you have a fan club?

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