Tuesday, November 20, 2007

One Laptop Per Child Campaign

For those of you who've heard of the OLPC campaign ("one laptop per child"), you might be interested to know that you can purchase/donate one until Dec. 31. For those who aren't familiar with OLPC, MIT developed a purported $100 laptop that is equipped with wireless capabilities and designed for children of developing countries. Though they claimed that these machines would only be available for the global market in regards to this mission, they have recently released them for sale to the general public for $200, with a donation of $200. So, for only $400 you get your hands on one of these nifty machines (the idea here is for teachers and parents to use them with children) plus you donate, ostensibly, one laptop to a child in a developing country. I've posted more information on the OLPC mission on my course blog.

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